Recently in the mobile coffee industry there has been a shift to LPG gas/lithium battery powered coffee van fit-outs. The Mobile Coffee Group LPG Gas installations and conversions are in accordance with AS-5601 and are fitted with an Australian wide compliance plate and certification.

Our LPG gas fit-outs and conversions include a single 4kg cylinder housed in a specifically designed gas compartment and connected to the very popular Fracino Contempo Duel Fuel Australian certified LPG coffee machine. All electrical equipment is powered through a lithium battery/inverter system allowing for a full days trade.

Key benefits witnessed from operators who have chosen a gas/battery powered coffee fit-outs include:

  • The gas/lithium battery powered option is more cost effective than fuel and servicing costs of other power options.

  • The gas/lithium battery powered option is silent.

  • The gas/lithium battery powered option gives the operator more space in the van for storage or additional appliances.

Finance for conversions are available.


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