Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below our Frequently Asked Questions, if you have any further questions feel free to call us on 1300 74 60 60.

1.    If I buy a van, can I call the business whatever I want?

Yes you can! You own 100% of your own business and you can call it whatever you want.

 2.     Can I help in the fit-out design of my van?

Absolutely! We do have a number of designs that you can go for, however at the end of the day, we want you (the customer) to be totally satisfied with your product. We can be flexible on the design and would love to hear your creative ideas.

3.     Once I buy the van, are there any more fees or ongoing costs that I need to pay?

Not a cent more to pay! We are not a franchise and therefore do not require any royalties, franchise fees, marketing fees or anything else.

4.     I’ve never made a cup of coffee in my life! Can I still buy a Coffee Van?

Yes you can! Whilst your brand new van is being built, you will be taken through an extensive barista training course. So by the time your vehicle is ready, you will be comfortable and confident behind the coffee machine, making beautiful and consistent coffees every time.

5.     I don’t understand how I will exactly make money other than weekend events. Will I receive support on how to generate sales during the week?

Your van can make an excellent weekly income by creating a regular ‘run’, visiting industrial estates and business parks, serving coffee and food to employees. As a client of Custom Coffee Vans, you will receive operating manuals to educate you on how to effectively operate the van. And if you would like some extra training, we can accompany you (for a fee) at the beginning of your ‘run’ to give you personalised support and ‘on the job’ training! This will boost your confidence when you begin your new business, and most importantly, will increase your profitability.

6.     What sort of Insurance will I need if I buy a van?

It’s very simple… Custom Coffee Vans will have our Insurance Broker call you to arrange a tailored ‘Mobile Coffee Van’ business insurance package. Not only will your vehicle be insured (and its contents), but you will also be covered for business insurance as well as $10 Million in Public Liability cover. The costs for this vary state-to-state, but it’s a competitive price. You can also choose to have extras cover.

7.     Once I buy the van, how will I know where to find suppliers for my coffee, cups, lids, etc?

Not to worry! We are a one-stop-shop and can supply you with everything that you need. We roast our own award winning blends of Early Bird Coffee that had been tailored for specific use in mobile coffee units. 99% of our clients purchase their products from us as they quality is extremely high, and the pricing is very competitive. However – you do not have purchase these goods from us. You are your own independent operator and can use your own suppliers if you wish. We will not be offended, nor pressure you to use our coffee and ancillary products.

8.     I know what I want to call my business, but I have no idea what logo or colours I want to incorporate. Can you help with that?

Yes we can! At Custom Coffee Vans, we use a great team of designers whom you will be able to work with in order to create your perfect logo and colour scheme.

9.  I’ve never owned my own business before and even if I buy a Coffee Van, I don’t know where to start. In terms of  getting an accountant, registering the business, getting insurance and other things, I’m totally lost. What will Custom Coffee Vans do to help me and make the whole experience easier? 

We want you to be a success! Custom Coffee Vans understands that purchasing a new business can be a nervous and stressful time for people. For this reason, we endeavour to make the whole process as smooth as possible. Whilst the van is being built, we can organise your business registration, accounting, insurance (and everything else!) for you if you wish. Some clients prefer to handle these things themselves (which is fine), but if you would like support and assistance, we are glad to help in any way we can.

10.  Do I need any special permits with my local council?

We are more than happy to assist you in this process if you require.

11.  How long will it take for my van to be totally ready?

It really depends on how many vans we are building at the time. We normally have 3 – 5 vans in production at any time, so we operate on a first in, first out basis. As a rule of thumb, you could expect the turnaround to be 4 to 5 weeks, however, it can be quicker than that. Vary rarely would a build exceed 5 weeks. 

12.  I’ve looked at some Franchises and I’ve noticed that there are Territories for drivers. I would like to operate in more than one area, is this possible?

We don’t believe in territories and we definitely do not want to restrict our clients in any way, shape or form! You are entitled to operate your business in any suburb you wish! Why would we restrict you from working where there is money to be made? You are a free and independent business, and we will support you wherever you choose to operate.

13.  Some of your competitors require their van drivers to purchase products off certain suppliers. Can I choose what I sell and who I source it from?

Absolutely! You are your own boss, and it’s your decision! If you like, we can certainly recommend certain suppliers, but it up to you who you purchase from, what you decide to sell, and what your prices are!

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